Apollo Health & Beauty Care

Our Mission

Striving to succeed.

It is with vigor and determination that we seek to remain the leading retailer-branded product development Company in the health and beauty care sector. To this end, Team Apollo will continually strive to:

  1. Empower and challenge each of our Colleagues to ensure that Apollo is the strongest and most capable force within our marketplace.
  2. Provide a safe and enjoyable workplace for all Team Members.
  3. Offer our commitment, via our dedicated members, to make products which consistently exceed Client expectations for quality, service and value.
  4. Provide our Clients with Industry leading ability to respond quickly to marketplace innovation, in product and package design, as well as branding and positioning.
  5. Collaborate with our strategic suppliers to create the very best value- added product and service offering for the benefit of our Client partnerships.
  6. To operate this Company with a heart for people, a head for business, and a passion for bringing the two together.

We at Apollo acknowledge and appreciate our Cherished Clients, whose devotion and loyalty to the effort of developing superior quality and value for their marketplace, is the foundation of the successes we share. to prevailing in all personal care categories and we promise a commitment of top quality to all our clients and partners.

Apollo Health & Beauty Care Apollo Health & Beauty Care

What does Apollo do?

Apollo tailors

programs and client services specific to demographic trends as well as to the sophistication and consumer preferences of our cherished Clients.

Apollo will always

perform above and beyond any means necessary to achieve complete customer satisfaction.