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Apollo Going Green

Apollo recognizes the benefits of going green. We are a company with a conscience for a cleaner and healthier world and we strive to restore and maintain our fragile environment. We believe that if more companies embraced this increasingly popular movement we would reap the benefits of improved human health and living conditions for our world and the world of our children. We see it as very simple: Save the environment, save money!

We have eliminated the use of copiers, fax machines and mass printing by incorporating the use of an MFP

Paper waste is probably the biggest item contributing to landfill and waste costs. Copiers, printers and fax machines are the fastest growing area of energy consumption. We store our records in digital filing cabinets searchable from our desktop. Faxes are sent from desktop to desktop or from application to desktop promoting easy recovery. By these simple implementations, we have reduced the use of ink, toner and electricity. Customer service has also benefited as response to inquiries is immediate with a much higher rate of accuracy.

Apollo is constantly striving to embrace the trends of today’s business world but when it comes to going green, we believe that it is not be a trend but a better way of conducting business and an improved way of life.

We are excited to take steps towards going green and we feel pride in knowing we are reducing waste, saving energy, reducing cost and increasing company productivity.

Apollo Health & Beauty Care Apollo Health & Beauty Care Apollo Health & Beauty Care
Apollo augments its use of recycled materials

Apollo's efforts to go green have yielded material improvements in recycled material usage. Greater than 50% of all Apollo processed plastics and corrugated carton stock is comprised of post recycled material..